what is life to you? do you value life? is it worth living?have you ever hadan experience that made you want to take away you life? do you think its worth that Jesus died on the cross for us that our life may be saved?

am not a pastor or a bishop or a religious leader but a young adult, a youth, living in the promises of christ. am exploring the mind of JESUS,the Bible. i may not have all the answers about life but the mind of Christ does. God gave us the Bible so that we may find the answers to our everyday questions. Our desire is to know God, to know what He has for Us, To understand His purpose for us in LIFE.

A few years ago, i was just a common/normal christian who went to church, gave the offering, listened to the word but i would leave the church an empty vessel. why? because i didn’t know the deeper meaning of the sunday service. i didn’t know what it is like to serve Christ and have His word in my heart always. If you read the word of God in Luke 2:19,Mary the Mother of God would hear the angels words and keep them in her heart. That is how i always wanted to be, like mother Mary, but my life was so far from that. Then it happened seven months ago. One pastor and his wife,pastor Levi and Cate, whom i will always be greatful for, helped me surrender fully to christ. I always yearned for the uncondititonal, unending love of Christ but i was always afraid. I was afraid not of Christ but what people would say.

That fateful night of september 2016, is a day i will never forget. I felt God in my soul, my body, my heart and my mind. He filled me with the Holy Spirit and Completely changed my life. I found the deeper meaning of service, i felt the unending love of Jesus. my fears were gone. My prayers changed. i was born again. I had new faith and to this day my life has never been the same.

It’s my sincere hope that someone reading this posts will change their life and be a better person who JESUS is proud of because after all we are created in His own Image GEN. 1:26-27.


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